Naturally fireproof

Pieve Porto Morone, Lombardia

Founded as a spin off of Torcitura Padana (a textile company specialised in producing threads) and Zanolo Group (a longstanding company from the Biella region specialising in dyes), Coex has fine‐tuned a patented technology for rendering natural fibres intrinsically fireproof, without that is the use of additives (no chemical product as flame retardant o fireproofing resins). The textile is indistinguishable from every other type of quality thread as the character of innovation is imperceptible to the senses. When exposed to flames it does not burn, it doesn’t drip, it doesn’t emit toxic smoke (such as dioxin).

All images courtesy of Coex

“We are the first in the world to have patented a fireproof natural fibre”, says Simona Pesaro, AD of Coex. “Both of our companies have worked together for years. When it was time to think about exploring possible innovations together, one of our young chemists suggested digging up an old study from the 1950s which was about a chemical process for modifying cellulose based fibre to form a barrier that fire couldn’t penetrate.

The research carried out by the University of Chemistry in Pavia was crucial and after 4 years of research and substantial investments we succeeded in patenting a technology based on the characteristics of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulphur which modify, without additives, the cellulose molecular structure. The result has surprised even us. From therein the production of the first threads, in linen and cotton, which don’t burn and are biodegradable”.

COEX. Naturally fireproof technical fabrics. Photo Max Rommel

COEX. Naturally fireproof technical fabrics. Photo Max Rommel